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Nodrošinājuma valsts aģentūra nodrošina Iekšlietu ministrijas un tās padotības iestāžu darbību nekustamo īpašumu, publisko iepirkumu un valsts materiālo rezervju jomā, veic normatīvajos aktos noteiktās darbības ar lietiskajiem pierādījumiem un arestēto mantu, izņemto mantu un dokumentiem, kā arī ieročiem, munīciju, to sastāvdaļām un speciālajiem līdzekļiem.

About Provision State Agency

Provision State Agency is a government institution in Republic of Latvia, subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior.

The main tasks and goals of the Agency are set by the Cabinet of Ministers Rules No. 839 (December 11, 2012) "Statute of Provision State Agency"

Quality Management 

The Management System of Provision State Agency has been certified by Bureau Veritas according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 on May 11, 2018.

Certificate in English (PDF)


What we do?

Facility Management

The Agency provides Facility Management for the Ministry of the Interior
and other government institutions subordinated to it:

Public procurement

The Agency provides public procurement of

  • Construction works for the aforementioned facilities,
  • Armament for the State Police and Border Guard,
  • State Reserves,
  • and other supplies for the Ministry of the Interior and other government institutions subordinated to it.

Storage and Sale of Detained and Arrested Things and Documents

The Agency provides storage and sale of

  • material assets arrested as proof of evidence within a criminal case,
  • material assets and documents seized within an administrative violation case,
  • for example, cars detained due to drunk driving and similar offences.

The Agency Web site provides full information about those activities in Latvian.

If your car (or other property) has been detained,

please contact the respective parking lot (look for the green cars on the map of our locations)
or the Detained Things Division (Izņemto lietu nodaļa).

For procurement and sales enquiries,

Please check pages on our web site:

Or contact the respective department:

If you need to rent a room for a short term at one of our facilities,

you can check if the respective facility is listed in Pay Services (Maksas pakalpojumi).

For other enquiries,

please see the contact information (Kontaktinformācija) or office locations (Kā mūs atrast).

E-mail address of an employee of the Agency is:
If the employee has a middle name, it is also separated by a dot.

If you are calling from abroad, please add international code +371 before telephone number.